A courageous path forward

低年级开始了一段非凡的旅程,学生的生活充满了真诚的关系, a supportive community, and a unique sense of belonging. Nightingale fuels our students’ intellectual curiosity through adventure, 玩, and a challenging academic program. The 较低的学校 educates holistically, 与认知, 社会, 而情感学习则是为女孩们设计的,她们可以得到精心的个人关注,同时也能在合作中茁壮成长.

低年级学生从一开始就被鼓励在智力上冒险. 从幼儿园, 学生们习惯于参加集会,并与全班分享他们的想法, bravely tackling open-ended questions like “What is courage?” As their skills and knowledge expand each year by year, so does their ability to influence the world around them.

皇冠体育app的每个女孩都开始了解自己和她所能做到的一切. 低年级的学生开始发展一些他们将作为成年人使用的工具,他们可以大胆地为不断变化的世界做出贡献. 从小开始, students are taught to look through a global lens, 值的差异, and to embrace inclusivity.

较低的学校 Highlights


Every two weeks, each 幼儿园er is assigned a new p艺术ner pal. P艺术ner pals walk to classes together, keep an eye on each other, and work collaboratively on lessons and skills. Familiarity grows, friendships blossom, and 玩dates are scheduled. 这不仅仅是一个伙伴系统:它有助于为学生和他们的家庭建立社区,皇冠app安卓下载安装教育的核心.

Community is at the core of a Nightingale education.


Modern language studies at Nightingale are enriched through song, 游戏, and 玩 to help young students develop a deep love of language. The program builds on competence, 信心, and collaboration through introductions to Spanish, 法国, 和普通话. Through the FLES program, Spanish is taught through 第三类. 法国 和普通话 are added in 第四类. 特别强调文化和使外语学习成为学生整体学习经验的一部分, and not just an isolated subject.


From Imagination to Expression

In Nightingale’s celebrated Visual Education program, students learn to observe and analyze 艺术, then express what they see through writings and presentations. Art is experienced in both the classroom and in New York’s great museums. 从小开始, 学生在学习欣赏和欣赏他人想象力的不同方式的同时,流利地掌握艺术语言.



项目 & 课程

Becoming a critical thinker

较低的学校 teaches students to learn how to think independently, 问问题, to reason inductively and deductively, and to synthesize their learning.