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Mt. Laurel Chiropractor : Dr. Phil Scheets

Chiropractic Choose Me

Like many people today, Dr. Scheets was raised in a family that knew nothing about chiropractic care and its amazing ability to help the the body heal, all on its own, without needless drugs and surgery.

Complete Care Chiropractic Chiropractor, Phil Scheets

Dr. Phil Scheets

After he graduated, he tested the limits of his endurance by working three jobs at the same time – substitute teacher and high school baseball coach by day and forklift operator, loading trucks in a warehouse, by night. And…he was juggling all three really well until a forklift accident put him out of commission with a wrenched back.

For the next eight months, Dr. Scheets saw quite a few medical specialists, including orthopedists, neurologists and physical therapists, and in the end, back surgery was recommended. Now…Dr. Scheets knew one thing and that was that he was not ready to have back surgery. Then, he decided to listen to the advice of his coworkers and he went to see a chiropractor.

Seeing was definitely believing and the results he experienced with chiropractic care opened his eyes and his mind! Not only had his back improved, but he noticed a positive change in other areas of his health and athletic performance as well. It was then that he realized the hierarchy of healthcare should be chiropractic first!  He was all set to continue his educational pursuits toward a master’s degree in education, when his chiropractor suggested that he go to chiropractic school instead. And that’s why Dr. Scheets says, “I didn’t choose chiropractic – it chose me!”

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Chiropractic Education

So… he and Susan married and moved to Georgia where Dr. Scheets again saw the miracle of chiropractic care just before the birth of their second child. The baby was in a bad position for a home birth, specifically she was stuck in a transverse lie, laying sideways in the uterus. The Scheets’ had their hearts set on a natural childbirth and weren’t sure if this would happen due to her positioning in the uterus. They were advised to see Dr. Larry Webster, who had developed the Webster Technique, which was highly successful in “turning” babies into the proper “birthing” position. And that’s exactly what Dr. Webster did!

Having grown up in Collingswood, Dr. Scheets and his wife, Susan, decided to return to New Jersey after Dr. Scheets earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University in Marietta, GA. After living briefly in Ship Bottom, NJ, the Scheets’ decided that Burlington County was the perfect area in which to raise their six children, particularly because Dr. Scheets was already established in his Burlington County practice!

Licenses & Memberships

  • Chiropractic licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • Member of the Association of NJ Chiropractors (ANJC)
  • The ANJC Sports Council
  • the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Types of Care Provided

Dr Scheets works with traditional back, neck and headache pain patients and those who desire individual or family wellness care to maximize the potential of their central nervous system functioning. He also works with all types of sports injuries and with pediatric patients and has served many patients who have been injured in automobile accidents.

As the father of six children, two of whom were born at home, Dr. Scheets is fully aware of the importance of chiropractic care for pregnant women to relieve the all-too-common aches and pains of pregnancy (lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain) and to help facilitate an easier, and often times shorter, labor and delivery. In fact, several area Ob/Gyns send their pregnant patients to Dr. Scheets for chiropractic adjustments that help them feel more comfortable by alleviating many of their pregnancy-related aches and pains.

Overcoming the “Sick” Care of Today’s Healthcare Mindset

Dr. Scheets admits that it’s always somewhat challenging to convince people about the overall life-enhancing benefits of wellness (non-acute) care, especially when they have been raised to believe that “sick” care is health care. Health care is not about treating disease, it’s about preventing it in the first place through lifestyle choices that foster true health. Dr. Scheets believes strongly that his role is to help patients maximize their genetic potential by decreasing nervous system interference through chiropractic adjustments and offer them the most nutritiously dense meals on earth to supply their bodies with the tools to heal.

Outside of the Office

During his time away from helping patients, he spends the majority of his time with his family, coaching young athletes and playing an occasional round of golf because he enjoys the challenge! His children are accomplished young athletes.

The Scheets’ are also members of CHAPLETS, a Catholic home-schooling organization for parents, like Susan, who ambitiously home schools the Scheets children!

Dr. Scheets welcomes the opportunity to speak to you about the importance of maintaining a stress-free nervous system for the sake of your health and for those whom you love!

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